Smart license plate recognition for simplified vehicle entry management

Innovative Solutions for Smart Access Control and Seamless Operations

Automatic Number Plate  Recognition

56 Secure’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution enables real-time monitoring of license plates, optimising vehicle investigations. Harnessing edge-based processing and computer vision, this solution captures number plate information, furnishing users with a searchable plate repository.


Comprehensive Vehicle & Parking Management Solution

Automated Gate Entry/Boom Barrier
  • Embrace automation with ANPR-managed gates and Automated Boom Barriers. Authorised vehicles pass through effortlessly, saving time and resources on manual gate operations.
Security Reinvented
  • Elevate your security measures with ANPR. Identify and verify vehicles entering your premises in real-time, ensuring only authorised access and reducing the risk of breaches.
Vehicle Tracking Made Easy
  • Seamlessly track outgoing and incoming vehicles, ANPR empowers efficient logging of vehicle movement within the premises to keep track of all activities at a glance.
Security Auditing Redefined
  • ANPR creates a digital footprint of vehicle movements, invaluable for audits, compliance, and investigations, offering a tamper-proof record of your premises' activity.
Actionable Data Insights
  • Leverage ANPR data analytics to unlock valuable insights into traffic patterns and usage trends. Empower informed decisions for optimized resource allocation.

Meet your Security objectives

Reduction in costs
ANPR's efficient parking management, reduced congestion, and enhanced security, along with Automated Boom Barriers, contribute to substantial cost savings, boosting your bottom line.

Implementable across Industries

Office Spaces

HOW does ANPR work?

Licence Capture
Our advanced AI camera captures high-contrast, high-resolution images of licence plates with exceptional accuracy.
Authorized Access
Our AI Cams swiftly recognize authorized personnel and registered number plates, seamlessly granting them secure access to the premises, enhancing convenience and safety.
Comprehensive Archive
Easily access your archive of recorded number plates. Add descriptions to each event for quick reference and gain a holistic view of all appearances of the identified vehicle plates.

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