SOS and Emergency Response System within minutes

Rapid response rate for urgent situations, ensuring safety and swift action in critical moments.

Emergency Responses - Faster than 911

56 Secure's SOS and Emergency Response system revolutionises how emergencies are handled, offering real-time detection of potential threats and crises. By leveraging edge-based processing, an active command centre and computer vision, we facilitate rapid detection and alerting, ensuring our dedicated guards can respond effectively and timely to unfolding events.

Instant Alerts and Responses
  • Activate emergency protocols with a single tap, minimising the delay and maximising rapid intervention.
Elevate Safety Protocols
  • Instantaneously detect and respond to any hazardous scenarios or emergencies, ensuring swift interventions and minimising potential harm
Proactive Threat Detection
  • With our AI-driven system, anticipate and counter potential threats & emergencies even before they fully manifest, ensuring the safety of all involved.
Highly-Trained Security Personnel
  • Our security guards undergo rigorous training to ensure they are equipped to handle emergencies with the utmost precision, care, and swiftness.
Detailed Emergency Reports
  • After every SOS mitigation- gain access to a comprehensive digital history of all SOS triggers and responses, invaluable for post-event analyses, training, and compliance.

Implementable across Industries

Office Spaces

Demystifying Our AI-Powered SOS System

Emergency Detection
Our advanced AI camera identifies potential threats or crises with unmatched speed and precision. Upon SOS activation, our system pinpoints the emergency location, dispatching nearby trained Safety Agents instantly.
On-Site Intervention
Our trained safety agents swiftly take charge of the situation, implementing effective threat mitigation strategies. Whether it's ensuring safety, diffusing a potential threat, or providing necessary assistance.
Robust Emergency Logs
Navigate your archive of SOS triggers and responses. Annotate or comment on each entry for detailed post-event analyses, ensuring a thorough understanding of every crisis.

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