AI-Powered Facial Recognition for Employee Attendance Management

Redefining seamless access and people management for the modern workforce

Next-Gen Employee Attendance Tracking

56 Secure’s Employee Attendance Management solution streamlines the tracking of personnel arrivals and departures in real-time. Utilising edge-based processing and computer vision, our system accurately identifies and logs employee entries, offering businesses a searchable attendance database. 

Seamless access for all employees and guests
  • Employees are recognized and granted access effortlessly, minimising the need for manual check-ins and saving precious time
Upgrade Workplace Security
  • Stay ahead of threats by ensuring only authorised personnel are allowed entry. Get instantly notified in case of any detected thefts or intrusions
Simplify Attendance Monitoring
  • Track employee attendance seamlessly. AI facial recognition offers efficient and accurate logging, ensuring timely and consistent record-keeping for HR and management purposes
Advanced Attendance Auditing and Monitoring
  • Our system provides a digital trail of employee movements, a gold standard for audits, compliance, and investigations, guaranteeing a transparent record of workplace activity
Actionable Attendance Analytics
  • Advance data analytics to glean crucial insights into employee attendance patterns and behaviour. Make data-driven decisions to enhance workforce management and planning.

Implementable across Industries

Office Spaces

How AI Facial Recognition for Attendance Works

Employee Recognition
Our cutting-edge AI camera captures clear, high-resolution images of employee faces with outstanding precision.
Authorized Access
The camera swiftly recognizes authorized personnel, effectively tracking attendance and granting them secure access to the premises, enhancing convenience and safety.
Detailed Attendance Logs
Quickly navigate through your archive of recorded employee check-ins and check-outs. Add notes or descriptions for each entry for swift referencing and get a comprehensive perspective.

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