Man Guarding & Intervention

Get unmatched security with 56 Secure’s professionally trained guards,  and emergency response services.

Best in class manguarding & intervention system

Professionally Trained & Certified Guards
  • Our guards are extensively trained and certified to effectively protect your premises with skills in situational awareness, quick response, and proactive protection, ready to handle any security challenge.
Guard Visibility with Advanced Management Systems
  • Our Guard Management Systems provide real-time insights into guard activities, ensuring accountability, transparency, and efficient, reliable protection for peace of mind.
Quick Emergency Response Services
  • In emergencies, our guards respond swiftly, with their training and our technology ensuring rapid help, minimizing risk and guaranteeing everyone's safety on the premises.
Efficient and Effective Guard Patrolling
  • Our guards perform regular patrols, deterring intruders and addressing suspicious activity. Supported by our Guard Management Systems, patrols are logged and tracked in real time, offering a transparent record of all security actions on your premises.

Implementable across Industries

Office Spaces

Why Choose 56 Secure’s ManGuarding & Surveillance?

Expertly Trained Personnel
Get guards who have gone through comprehensive training and certification processes.
Transparent Security Operations
Real-time visibility into guard activities through advanced management systems.
Rapid Response
Under 5 minute emergency response time to ensure safety.

Protect your premises with professionals who care. With 56 Secure, you get more than just security; you gain partners in protection.

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