AI-Driven Monitoring and Analytics System

Improve precision and efficiency in overseeing activities for a proactive operational environment.

The Future of Monitoring and Surveillance

56 Secure's Monitoring and Checks system offers real-time tracking of site activities and personnel behaviour. By harnessing edge-based processing and computer vision, we provide precise detection and logging, delivering to organisations a robust, searchable activity database.

Effortless Monitoring
  • Recognize activities and events seamlessly, diminishing manual oversight and boosting operational productivity.
Upgrade Site Security
  • Swiftly identify and verify any anomalous behaviours or activities on your premises, ensuring only authorised actions proceed, and reducing potential security risks.
Optimised Activity Tracking
  • Monitor operations without a hitch. Our AI-driven system ensures meticulous and prompt record-keeping suitable for managerial review.
In-depth Activity Audits
  • Benefit from a digital chronicle of all movements and actions, perfect for compliance, audits, and evaluations, cementing a clear record of all operations.
Insightful Monitoring Analytics
  • Dive deep into data analytics to uncover essential patterns and trends in site activities. Adopt an informed approach for improved operations management.

Implementable across Industries

Office Spaces

Understanding Our AI-Driven Monitoring System

Activity Recognition
Our state-of-the-art AI camera captures sharp, high-definition images to identify activities with unparalleled accuracy.
Activity Alerts
Receive real-time notifications whenever a significant activity is detected. Customise your alerts based on specific activities ensuring you're always informed of critical occurrences.
Comprehensive Activity Logs
Easily sift through your archive of recorded activities. Add annotations or remarks to each log, streamlining your review process and offering a panoramic view of site activities

Whether you're seeking to enhance an established security infrastructure or starting from scratch.

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